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Népsziget, MAHART

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About us

"There is a need to sail"

(Pompeius Maximus)


And ... if you have the conditions for it to be created.

This is why our company (January 1997) that the electrical installations of ships manufacture, renovation, repair carried out.

Our company technical director Gábor Horváth for more than three decades of experience in the business of the co-owners for tasks provided by Horvath.

Our team is mostly stable number of 12 people.


Main business: ship electrical design, manufacture, refurbishment and repair.

These activities include:

- "A" and "B" AIS transponders procurement, commissioning, installation,

  VMS vessel tracking systems, software installation

- VHF and MF / HF radios ship acquisition and installation of the official administration

- Fugawi navigation software for integration into the ship's shipboard systems

- Cranes electrical design, construction

- Other special electrical equipment installation engineering

- Vessels Piping System Installation

- Electrical safety reviews (ESF, EBF)

- Lightning reviews

In 1999, the ship repair MAHART cooperation contract concluded with the electrician's workshop took over the ship's staff and responsibilities. Our position then moved to the Colony IV. district. Island People, Lock Street. 9th under a 230m ² workshop, office, laboratory electric rental property. These well-equipped, mechanized workshops carried out in the production, preparation and fabrication. The monitoring equipment, test instrumentation suitable lab electricity available.

The scenes of domestic repairs - car servicing and abroad, on the Danube in Budapest, visit the ship's boat.


Our company is a member of:

- The Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

- The Boat Industry Association of Entrepreneurs

- The Hungarian Electrotechnical Association.

Company under the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System operates.

Technical leader, Gabor Horvath name listed on the National Register of Experts.